Lingerie Review - Argentovivo Pallet Ciliegia Aubergine Triangle Bra

Argentovivo Pallet Ciliegia Aubergine Triangle Bra.


Unique Details:
This beautifully delicate lingerie is made almost entirely from Leavers lace. The bra has a dainty front fastening and soft triangle cups to further emphasise the precious nature of the lace.

Personal Opinion:
Leavers lace is exquisite; as stated on the label it is produced on antique looms originating in 18th Century France. The technique allows unique motif delicacies, the knowledge of which, combined with its origins, only further endears me to these luxurious garments.

The shapes are lovely; the plunging neckline of the bra is carefully balanced out with a higher reaching cup and a heavier lace underband to give more support. It is dainty yet not too skimpy. Equally the matching briefs have a double edged band of lace around the sides, perfectly complimenting the design of the bra. Again the briefs look dainty yet the lace sides perfectly balance this out to offer a more flattering shape. The colour is very flattering and warming for the winter!

This lingerie is feminine and elegant. The lace is beautiful and although a touch cheeky as it is quite sheer the design is very chic and sophisticated.

Comfort: 5/5
Fit: 4/5
Style: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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