Lingerie Requires Support With Innovation

Within every design industry innovation is key to helping move things forward, maintaining customer satisfaction and simply bettering what is already on offer. As part of the fashion industry, lingerie is no exception to this rule and has recently moved forward in leaps and bounds providing consumers with new fabrics and technologies.

Unfortunately, in reality the cost of innovation usually rules it out for many businesses. However, in China, the land of technology, they are offering the lingerie industry a helping hand in keeping innovation at the forefront. The China Fashion Association along with Ordifen International Group helped to organise the ‘Ordifen Cup Lingerie Innovation Design Contest’. In fact, the Fashion Association considered it such an important award that it was part of the China Fashion week S/S 09 opening ceremony.

We can only hope that other fashion associations around the globe will follow suit and create a community to support the lingerie industry in continuous innovation and progression.

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