Lingerie- Not Required For The Slightest Touch Orgasm

Luxurious lingerie and a bit of body pampering might traditionally make you feel sexy and frisky, but there is a new gadget that promises to bring you to the brink of orgasm at the flick of a switch.

When a study was conducted to test a prototype foot massager, scientists discovered more than they bargained for. The foot massager played with electronics and acupuncture to stimulate the body’s nervous system, and during testing, women reported tingling sensations in their inner thigh, sexual arousal and a pre orgasmic state from using the massager device. This was developed into a little product called the ‘Slightest Touch’, a device much resembling an mp3 player which connects to two electrode pads on your ankles!

The manufacturers promise faster orgasms, more powerful climaxes and multiple orgasms all from the effect of being able to stimulate all three main nerve bundles in the pelvic region.

The device sells widely across the US and is beginning to become known in the UK, I even found it on Amazon!

Although, for the $150 price tag, you might want to treat yourself to some Mio Destino lingerie instead!

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