Lingerie for Dogs

Lingerie for Dogs

Wondering what to get your pooch for Christmas? Why not get her exactly what you get your girlfriend ? some frilly underwear?

Metro Paws is a company offering ?stylish? gifts for man?s best friend. Choose from tutus ? all of which have a ?convenient gap at the belly to prevent soiling? ? or opt for a negligee t-shirt made from ?the same stretchy nylons used in fine undergarments?.

Why not buy your doggie some hair accessories and dresses whilst you?re about it? Metro Paws offers all the things your dog never knew you where strange enough to want to buy for her (or him. The items seem pretty feminine to me, but you might have a cross-dressing pooch?).

Alternatively, maybe your dog wants to buy his lady friend something special this Christmas? Why not buy a gift for your lady from MioDestino and then find a similar canine one for your dog to get for his girl on Metro Paws?

An anthropomorphic dream. Or nightmare, depending on how you look at it.

Remember, a doggie negligee isn?t just for Christmas?

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