Lindsay Lohan Still in Love

For months the relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samatha Ronson has been catching the public’s attention, but never have they confirmed what exactly is going on with the pair. For the first time, however, Lindsay has made a public announcement directly indicating their relationship. After rumours that they had split, Lindsay wrote a Myspace message to fans saying, “Oy vey! Rumors. Just to clear this up, because I have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question. Samatha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan (me) are NOT breaking up. Take care xxLL”.

22 year old Lindsay and 31 year old Samatha had had a turbulent relationship and Lindsay tends to joke about the issue in interviews rather than giving a personal account of her private life. Fair enough for a girl that has grown up in the public spotlight since the success of The Parent Trap in 1998. Of course, Lindsay has changed and grown a lot over the years, become a sex symbol, style icon, and had a number of high profile romances.

Last month Lindsay was spotted in tears at 5am outside London nightclub, Boujis after a physical fight between her and Samantha. The argument started when Samantha was stung with jealousy after spotting Lindsey flirting with ex-boyfriend Calum Best. Best had to intervene with the girls as they shouted at grabbed at each other in rage. We’ll just have to watch this space to see what Lindsay does next.

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