Leap at the chance!

Leap at The Chance

It?s a Leap year! This is great. Well not that great for working types, basically you have to work one more day until payday that you usually wouldn?t have to. Bah humbug. But there is another think that the Leap Year brings up ? female marriage proposal. While in the enlightened 21st Century woman ?can? propose to men, it is unlikely many do so. But on the Leap year day they are ?officially? allowed to.

The story is that the female St Bridget complained to St Patrick (he of the patron saint and Guinness variety) that woman had to wait so long for men to propose (does anything ever change?!) so he granted them the right to propose on this one day every four years ? I think old Bridget was fobbed off there.

But be warned men, the chance is they may well do it, so if you have been putting it off ( to save money to make it extra, extra special (with some MioDestino lingerie as an early present of course)) then you could find yourself looking pleased then horrified when your woman goes down on one knee and says those four little words. Have a good excuse ready (if you?re the commitment-phobia type ? which we are continually portrayed as being in modern entertainment (and clearly were in the Middle Ages).

However, whether many of them realise this is the reason for a leap year is another matter ? although I have just told them.

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