Lap Dancing - Harmful or Just Harmless Fun?

You can’t go far without seeing a woman in her bra and briefs – on TV, in the newspaper or on billboards. But is it going too far to be paid to flaunt your body in a strip club. There are lots of arguments for and against strip clubs. Striptease has gone mainstream, with pole dancing lessons being offered at the local gym and the burlesque trend booming in popularity thanks to Dita Von Teese.

Those against Strip clubs may argue that it encourages rape and crime, and only men expecting sex would go there, but there is no factual evidence for this. A recent Dispatches documentary on Channel 4 claimed that you can get a lap dance as easy as a latte, which created heated debate.

Lap dancing clubs are in the same licensing category as pubs and cafes, and some people say they are too loosely regulated, with clubs breaking the rules about touching etc. Women’s rights organisations want stricter licensing, but the Lap Dancing Association LDA say that virtually all of the licensed clubs are responsible, regulated and well-run. They say that the women working their genuinely enjoy their jobs and it is what they choose to do. Granted there may be some women who go into it for the wrong reasons, but for most it’s simply an enjoyable job, and they see themselves as having power over men rather than the other way round. I can see why some women think that strip clubs belong in the past, but they seem to be a bit of harmless fun and all the women involved are safe and content in their role.

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