Ladies prefer toasters to lingerie, Telegraph suggests?

Lingerie Christmas Present

Modern man is truly alive these days ? we can admit to crying and we look emotional and ?deep?, buy skin care products and retain our masculinity and these days buying lingerie doesn?t make us look seedy or short of gift ideas. One of the writers at The Telegraph newspaper suggests ?his wife would prefer a kettle to some lingerie?. Hmm...I wonder?

Come on ladies! Stand up for your rights, get a grip of your man and make him understand the kettle? a 'REALLY BAD' idea! This is 2007 and men can still be MEN while also buying their girlfriends or wives lingerie. MioDestino is a prime example of this: expert tuition, great gift ideas, fun blogs and nothing seedy at all.

The idea that men ?only? buy lingerie for themselves is not really fair and actually shows that a man still finds his partner attractive, he wants to spoil her, tell her he think she is sexy and that she?s worth time, money and effort to try and make her happy. And as the woman in the article says, ?If you feel good on the inside, you feel good on the outside. What is the point of wearing a dress costing hundreds and hundreds of pounds if the line is spoilt by cheap, poorly fitting lingerie??

A sentiment we here at MioDestino agree with fully.

Lingerie featured in photo, Elise Aucouturier

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