Huit comes of age..

Huit Titcha 40th Birthday

Huit, the legendary lingerie brand, is celebrating it's 40th birthday this month. The cult brand, which was once bought by over 6 million women, is seeing its birthday in in style, by redesigning and relaunching the highly coveted 'Titcha' style. Take a look at the original 70's Titcha styles.

Huit, pioneered seamless underwear in the 1970's, which is still as popular today. The Huit Titcha collection form 1970 has been given a modern twist, the beautiful bra and thong set is sure to fly off the shelves, just as it did during its launch the first time around in 1970. Take this tip and get yourself a set, (which I add, is a bargain!), for a clean and smooth silhouette in even the tightest of clothing! Wave bye bye to unsightly bra lines under your clothes-hurrah!

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