Hey Guys, Where have all you gentlemen gone?!

After several blogs advising you (almost) clueless men on what to wear and how to wear it, there is one thing which I thought many men of today could do with knowing so that they can aspire to become a better person (or it'll make you more popular with the ladies and it'll give me the chance to have a little rant!)

I have recently come across many men who may look good enough to eat but I get the feeling that they may not taste as good as they look. For those of you who are confused by now (and for you who are obviously thinking about something much different and much dirtier) I am of course referring to the behaviour of the modern male.

It seems to me that the modern roles of people today have changed, more women go out to work whilst more men stay at home. This role reversal may have come about by the fact that women want more equality in life, but I would say to this, thanks for the equality?

Men may have become confused (lets face it, it doesn't take that much!) what with the reports that women nowadays want to be treated as equals, but that doesn't mean that we don't like to be treated like a lady once in a while! I was walking down a narrow street the other day when I came across three men blocking the pavement, as I was carrying an obviously heavy load I thought naturally, that they would stand aside for me to pass but they didn't. Not only did I have to ask them to move, but this request came with three extremely menacing looks!

It happened again the same week, whilst trying (and failing) to empty a large paper bin, three men in the office passed me without even asking if I needed any help! Now, I am not a large lady and it would have been obvious that I was struggling, it made me think, where are all the gentlemen nowadays?!

In my opinion, and I am sure all women would agree, no matter how into equal rights they are, it is nice when a man shows he can and is willing to look after a woman in a more traditional way, once in a while. I don't mean take control of the finances in your household shouting, Don't worry darling, your brain can't cope with all these big numbers! Just lending a hand when a woman clearly needs help, letting her pass first and holding doors open are all acts of common courtesy more than anything.

Not only is this polite, but it shows to a potential partner that you are masculine, something proven to make men more attractive to women, rather than a snivelling weed of a man who cries, more than you, when you're watching Rose let go of Jack's hand in Titanic!

So the next time you're getting ready for a date as well as dressing for the occasion, why not try behaving for it too you will be thanked for it and who knows what else?!

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