Have a laugh at a Comedy Festivals

Three of the largest comedy festivals in the world: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival and of course the Edinburgh Fringe are all happening this summer so don't just watch them, get involved!

It seems to be a trait in comedy to name things just exactly as they are. It's in Montreal, it's comedy and its a festival voila The Montreal Comedy Festival! The Gilded Balloon Theatre in Edinburgh holds an annual newcomers competition for people who think they are funny called, wait for it, So You Think You're Funny?. If you think you're funny apply here. What's the worst that could happen? Apart from everyone laughing at you rather than with you and then getting so embarrassed that you cut off all contact from civilization and never speak to your family again.

Previous winners include Peter Kay, Dylan Moran, Rona Cameron and Lee Mack. All you need is eight minutes of material and a bit of a brass neck and you could be the next Lee Evans.

If you need a little guidance head here or get hold of Frank Skinner and ask him for Peter Kays phone number.

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