Guinness IS Good for You!

Guinness Is Good For You In Irish

Good news for beer drinkers - Scientists at the University of Wisconsin claim their research shows that a pint of the Irish beverage a day helps prevent heart clots.

Ergo, Guinness may prevent heart attacks!

In the 1920s the slogan ?Guinness is good for you? was coined based on market research which showed that people ?felt good? after drinking the beer. Nice and straightforward that.

Today, however, Guinness owners Diageo make no health claims for their beverage.
But maybe they should! The Wisconsin researchers think that it?s the "antioxidant compounds" in Guinness - akin to those found in certain fruits and vegetables ? which make the drink beneficial for the heart. These antioxidants can reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol deposits on artery walls.
So now you can indulge in a pint of Guinness a day with a clear conscience ? all to keep the doctor away!

Unfortunately the researchers found that lager does not yield the same benefits... But who knows, maybe the next big discovery will be that lager is good for the skin. Or that Red Bull really gives you wings. Here?s hoping!

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