Guide to Surviving a Chick Flick

So the summer is here and so far the BBC weather has been bad. Actually that's an understatement its been terrible. So with the rain lashing down no doubt the girlfriend will drag you off to the cinema to see another plot-by-numbers chick flick. You can�t say no, but you can make the experience a bit more enjoyable:

  • Chick Flick Bingo do this in your head or on your phone. Think of some of the classic chick-flick clichs you know, the two friends falling out over the same guy, or a group of girls dancing around to some girly music using hairbrushes as microphones there are hundreds. Check off each one as they crop up in the film. Just don't shout house! if you get them all.
  • Count the number of ceiling tiles in the cinema.
  • Look for every plot hole or grammatical error that crops up this way you can undermine the film on the way home while looking like your paid attention.
  • Work out what you would do if the cinema suddenly caught fire.
  • Make repeated trips to buy drinks and then the loo.
  • If none of this works just sit it out safe in the knowledge next time you go to the cinema you can choose some macho gun film starring Bruce Willis or similar actor.

    You can't say fairer than that!

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