Great Christmas presents for your wife this Christmas, exclusive in The Sun online

Designer Christmas Presents

Sophie Mansell, The Sun online Fashion Reporter, wrote in her exclusive ??LINGERIE sure looks sexy ? but do you know your A from your E cup when treating the missus? Well, most men don?t.?

Mio Destino has filmed some tantalising tutorials to help you guys buy sexy presents for your wife or girlfriend this Christmas.

The videos have been a massive hit on the web, and are now proving ?tres populaire? on YouTube. Sexy Headmistress, Miss Demeanor, tutors guys in the art of buying what every girl deserves?lots of Christmas presents! It gives a whole new meaning to filling Santa?s stocking!

Make sure you pay attention though as you know what happens to ?naughty boys?!

She?ll tell you all about the ?oui? and most definite ?non? of lingerie and corset shopping, with the help of her beautiful, lingerie clad assistants.

To sign up for the set of six tutorials just click on the video school page.

Do you know someone, your husband, boyfriend or a mate, who might need to go back to school for some special lectures? Then why not forward them the link by clicking on the 'Share and Enjoy' envelope below? You never know how they'll return the favour!

Government warning: These videos may damage your health!

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