Got A Question, AQA maybe can answer it?

So you're in a pub quiz, one round to go, you're winning by one, and the prize fund is huge. But, you don't know the final question, you could be lose perhaps a little cheating is in order AQA is a fantastic service that you can text anytime for just 1 and they give you the answer, often with a bit of extra witty information. They put their 5 Best up daily, and it's surprising how many look like pub quiz questions:

Q. Who were the first 5 French people to score in the English premiership?"
A. The 1st 5 French Premiership scorers were:
Cantona (22 Aug 1992),
Ginola (27 Aug 1995),
Lebouef (24 Aug 1996),
Vieira (7 Dec 1996) &
Anelka (9 Nov 1997).

Now why would someone want to know that, eh?

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