Free Divorce ? has it come to this?

Help me, dear readers, for I am torn. We live in enlightened, liberal times, and all the better for it. So why then does a little part of my soul die when I read that Zoo magazine is offering one ?lucky? reader a free divorce?

I know if a marriage is over you should probably end it, but it still seems soulless, making divorce something to celebrate, when surely, it?s a sad time, a time for reflection? Sure relationships start brilliantly, you buy her lingerie, she wears said lingerie and looks amazing, happy times. But sometimes love just disappears, and life gets in the way and circumstances change ? is this a cause for celebration?

For Zoo Magazine to be taking such a blasé, laddish approach to the end of a marriage strikes (eve) me as somehow wrong. So I ask you, am I right or am I wrong? Is this just another step on the road to end of marriage as a serious institution? Or are there enough romantics left who find the idea somewhat repulsive?

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