Forget About Joining the Mile High Club on the New Airbus

Lingerie No Mile High Club On Airbus

Joining the mile high club is probably on the to-do lists of most men (and a fair few women I imagine) so the news today that the new super Airbus A380 set is to be a ?no sex zone? will have been a disappointment to many.

Even more surprising is the fact the plane has 12 private suites complete with double beds! Talk about encouraging behaviour you want to ban! The reason they have given is that the suites are ?not soundproof? and so could ?cause embarrassment?. Fair enough, but I don?t suspect it will stop some couples who just can?t risk taking it all off after take off.

If you really want to join the club? there?s no membership pack once you do mind ? you could just book a trip on this plane and seal the deal. Happy landings!

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