Fooling around

Ah I hope you’ve enjoyed your morning of fun filled frolics. Yes, April Fools’ Day has been and gone – if you subscribe to the bizarre theory that you can’t do it after midday. What amusing japes did you pull on unsuspecting friends and co-workers? In our office we told someone they had missed a call from someone called “Liz” and gave them the number for Buckingham Palace – hilarity ensued.

The British Press, absolutely April Fools’ Day as it gives them ample opportunity to print made-up, frivolous nonsense about inane subjects…ahem

The BBC did a classic with a video about flying penguins – and it does look pretty good when they first take off

The Metro (free paper) went with a car that electrocutes dogs that wee against it

The Guardian did a piece of the British government hiring the delectable Carla Bruni becoming paid to raise Britain’s profile

But fair play to the Beeb who also published a list of nine other stories that came out today that would easily make April Fools’ pranks but are in fact true.

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