Food for Thought

Penis Pasta Candy Cuffs and Chocolate Body Paint

A Norwegian store that sells products of an, shall we say, erotic nature, has been charged by the food authorities for not stating the food contents on several products. The items in question include, *ahem* penis pasta, candy cuffs and chocolate body paint.

If the law states you must specify the ingredients then fair enough, but surely the authorities don?t ?actually? believe people are buying these products for their nutritional value? And penis pasta ? how on earth does that work? Check it?s al dente by throwing it at a wall? Which pasta is it anyway? Spaghetti would be slight insulting (width, not length ? sorry bit graphic I know) penne a bit of a tight fit perhaps, and as for fusilli ? well that would just be plain weird.

Perhaps all they need is one warning ? ?may contain nuts?.

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