Lingerie Taffic Jams and Flying Cars

We now live in 2007, soon it will be 2008 ? this means all those sci-fi shows from the 70s that predicted giant space cities on the moon or the hoverboards of Back to the Future II are not going to happen. But perhaps the car that can fly ? also a staple of the Michael J. Fox hit ? and possibly the ultimate sci-fi fantasy, is going to happen if this story is anything to go by.

The benefits would be enormous ? while you were the first person to own one. No traffic jams, fly high and spot empty car parking spaces; you could probably land on the roof of supermarkets and do your shopping and a hell of a way to impress date: ?hey fancy coming out with me in my flying car to see the stars??

But of course over time more people would own them, the skies would be busier, they?d introduce a congestion charge and before you knew it ? gridlock. And far below, as you looked out of the window, bored, in your flying-car would be some old saloon car heading along at 50mph, on nice clear empty roads. Science fiction would have a lot to answer to then wouldn?t it?!

The best invention though would be a time machine, but as far as I can remember, with my GCSE B in physics as my credentials, is that it?s literally impossible ? which is a shame. So what would be the best sci-fi dream that could become a reality?

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