First Aid for Breasts

Liftits - Mio Destino Lingerie

We stumbled across the aptly named ?Liftits? product by UCS in Lyon's recent trade fair, Lyon Mode City. Among a number of great ?first aid? products, UCS have developed a see through adhesive patch which once applied promises to ?re-perkify? your breasts. Their video does show a noticeable lift of the breasts, particularly useful for those outfits where a bra will just not do. (Watching it on fast speed is most fun!)

It is also claimed that the patches are suitable for swimming, which is always good to know, and will make my skinnydipping more?ahhh, palatable. However, as today?s earlier bloghighlights boob sagginess caused by jogging, I would suggest the Liftitis are not a jogging solution.

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