Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry.com - Selling Your Unwanted Gifts

Ex-boyfriend Jewelry.com

After a relationship ends ? a proper one, where you have to own two toothbrushes because you?re never sure which bed you?ll be waking up in, there is the inevitable post-break up clean out. CDs, clothes, books, aforementioned toothbrushes, all exchanged.

But what about jewelry? It was a gift, but wearing it just seems wrong, so you stick it in a draw and it never gets seen again ? but wait! There?s another, better, way ? sell it! That?s exactly what a new website allows you to do.

The website allows ?exs? to sell unwanted gifts for cold harsh cash to buy things they actually want ? like Mio Destino lingerie. And you can also sell non-jewelry items under the caustically titled ?Gifts that should have been jewelry? section ? so don?t throw those crap presents away just yet!

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