Don't Takeaway My Chopstick Bra

Lingerie Chopstick Bra

Not content with making bras from dead fish the latest new bra design from Asia is a bra made of chopsticks. Seriously! Apparently because Japanese people throw away around 25 billion chopsticks a year they needed to find a away to ensure they were put to better uses?and so bras was the obvious solution?

Well whatever the logic it?s a good way to make use of a product that usually is just thrown away ? as the numbers suggest ? and you have to admire the inventiveness at turning one product into another so entirely unlike from each other. I do wonder what they?ll be making them from next: Rice? Peanuts? Shopping bags?

Other uses for chopsticks could include:

1) Snooker cues for a mini game. For balls use: sweetcorn ? yellow, peas ? green, olive ? black, baby tomatoes ? reds. Blue, pink white and brown, er, paint some peas?
2) Attach bristles and you have a tiny broom or a paintbrush.

That?s about all I could think of actually ? how on earth did they come up with bras? If anyone can think of any other good uses for left-over chopsticks then add them below.

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