Bra Fence In New Zealand

Stumbling around the internet the other day like some drunken office worker after too many beers on a Friday night I came across this delightfully strange story about ?The Great Bra Fence? that used to be in New Zealand. Sadly, I say, ?used? as the council of the area decided it was a hazard to road users and so had it removed.

But the story of its inception and how it grew to prominence is rather charming. Started randomly by persons unknown it gathered a small amount of media attention and soon the numbers of bras on the fence began to grow. Over time vandals came and removed the bras (really? Why? What was the purpose of this? What a shame). But the locals stuck to it and soon over 200 bras were ?blowin? in the wind? once again.

Bra Fence In New Zealand

The best part of this story is that many people used the fence as a way to remember a female loved one who had passed away. Instead of a sombre and subdued trip to the cemetery they said that the fun and joyous nature of hanging their old bras on fence was a more fitting way to remember them and brought them great support (see what I did there?)

It?s amazing just how versatile and interesting this small but resilient garment really is!

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