Cross-dressing Lingerie Burglar Caught on Camera

HOUSTON At first 24 year old Nicole Bishop thought she must be imagining things: when she got home from work things had moved in her apartment. Lights that she could have sworn she'd switched off where on; clothes where lying in different places small things were out of place. This continued over the next few days.

Her boyfriend feared she had a stalker and suggested she get a surveillance camera to make sure no one was entering her home. Companies like Safety Technology custom make hidden cameras that masquerade as ordinary household objects: tissue boxes, crisp packets etc. Nicole chose one concealed in a digital clock.

She rigged up the clock to face her door and spread some of her lingerie around as bait.
When she got back from work it looked as if nothing had been moved. However, when Nicole decided to watch the video footage to check that the camera worked she had a nasty shock.

In horror she watched as an unknown man entered her apartment. He started looking through her clothes, smelling her lingerie and rubbing himself with it.
"He's wearing [my lingerie]," Nicole said. "He's pleasuring himself. He's doing really strange things with my furniture."
After a while, the man put his own clothes back on and left the apartment.
It is not yet know whether the creepy stalker has been apprehended.

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