Corsets are a pick me up…fact

As winter begins to recede and the sun begins to sheepishly show itself again, it feels like the nation’s hibernation is starting to lose its grip. But as the early morning commute insists, it isn’t quite t-shirt weather yet. These fleeting glimpses seem to say that there’s nothing more powerful for your mood than a nice sunny day, or is there..?

On the stressful days that leave even the toughest of us feeling a bit rubbish, a good surprise that both you, and the other half can look forward to can go a long way. Something from Mio Destino is ideal for this job. It can provide the precise blood rush needed for to rid you of the mundane office. Especially when caffeine just isn’t hitting the spot, or when chocolate just isn’t enough of an escape.

A little surprise goes a long way to kicking your last vestiges of winter blues into touch and also works for the days when it seems like nothing will take your blokes attention away from his latest computer game vice. So if there is one thing to remember, it is the power of the corset

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