Cookies that Give You Bigger Boobs

Thought that cookies only gave you a fat backside?

Cookie manufacturers from, you guessed it, Japan, have come up with an enjoyable way to increase your bust size F Cup Cookies.

Eating just two of these biscuits a day is meant to make boobs bigger, though it doesn't say for how long you need to keep up this diet.

The cookies contain a supposedly breast-enhancing herb called pueraria mirifica. This herb, found in Thailand and Myanmar, acts like an oestrogen hormone replacement. Sounds like something a doctor should prescribe you, surely? Not something to buy in the corner shop.

It sounds like this is one of those fantasy products like food that makes you thin; comfortable stilettos; and dogs that don't poo.

I have some questions for the manufacturers: What happens if men eat these biscuits? And, more importantly, would F-Cup Cookies give Cookie Monster breasts? The Cookie Monster has been making a few appearances in the lingerie world recently, read more.

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