Or to put it another way?What is a ?Pratt-Shelby? knot?

It is said that the ?Pratt-Shelby? tie knot was invented by an employee of the US Chamber of Commerce, Mr Jerry Pratt. Mr Pratt had been wearing the knot for approximately twenty years before it came to fame. Its popularity can be attributed to a TV personality, Mr Don Shelby, who featured the knot on TV. It appears that the New York City fashion press then, incorrectly, credited Mr Shelby with the invention. It is therefore also sometimes known as the ?Pratt? knot and the ?Shelby? knot.

The knot is unique in that when the wearer commences to tie the knot it shows the reverse of the tie and on completion of the knot the tie is the correct way around ? just like magic!

This type of knot is suited to shorter ties as it uses less length than the ?Half Windsor? and ?Windsor knots?. The knot produced by this method is secure, symmetrical and of medium size.

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