Buy raunchy underwear from the Conservatives?

Lingerie Website Conservative Daniel Kavanagh

West Sussex, UK, August 2007:

The conservative representative for Crawley Borough Council?s Ifield ward runs an online lingerie website selling adult costumes.

Daniel Kavanagh, 21, has met with disapproval for his 'labour's from fellow councillors who call his enterprise ?unseemly? and believe it may have a negative effect on the local authority.

Mr Kavanagh claims that his sexy sideline doesn?t influence his council work. In response to the criticism he has, however, recently removed certain items from his website, including a schoolgirl uniform and a newspaper delivery-girl costume. How very 'conservative'!

Mr Kavanagh says he doesn?t sell anything you can?t buy in Ann Summers which seems very 'liberal' of him. The Crawley Labour councillor, Stephen Joyce, responded:

?I?m not saying what he is doing is illegal or anything like that, but it?s unseemly."

Daniel Kavanagh?s website was ?down for maintenance? but now appears to be up and running.

It sounds like a load of pants to me!

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