Bra is a real lifesaver

Swiss Alps

The phrase ?lifesaver? is often over used about everything, from someone having a plaster to being able to buy a cup of tea on a train. But to call a bra a lifesaver is not exaggeration ? at least not for this woman, whose life was quite literally saved by her bra. What a garment the bra is!

It was certainly clever of the folk at the top of the mountain to realise that someone must have put the bra in the cable car ?if it was me I?d think some female operator at the bottom of the mountain was flirting with me and so I?d send back some item of clothing. This would probably lead to a disciplinary hearing and my immediate dismissal. Thank heavens I don?t work there then!

Still the most important thing is that she?s okay and hopefully she?ll be reunited with her bra at some point.

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