Blinding underwear Jeeves

With the opening of Topshop in New York today, America gets to experience what us brits have had the privilege of for quite a while now. Namely a huge shop which requires both the planning of a small scale military manoeuvre and a set of Top Gun aviators to protect against the serious threat of blinding by pop-art underwear.

Topshop has been a staple diet for us brits for a while now. With its up to date lines and genre bending accessories it has been constantly growing in popularity. However it does have some draw backs, the mountains of clothes attracts even bigger piles of people creating an environment with all the dignity of a game of supermarket sweep. We have all had at least one shopping excursion where the finger tips are instantly set tingling with excitement at spotting the dazzling strip lighting sheen from a pair of snake skin leggings, only to have them snatched away just as quickly by someone who wouldn’t pull them off nearly as ironically as you..

Best to go on the net then to avoid those shopping pitfalls, and while you are there its probably best to check out Mio Destino, the one stop shop for all your lingerie needs, wants and desires.

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