Bikini Babes Leave Sunday Mornings

After four months, the show which sees young Brits ship wrecked on two neighbouring islands in the South Pacific has come to an end. Shipwrecked on channel 4 follows two ‘tribes’ the Tigers and the Sharks who compete against one another, trying to grow in numbers by attracting weekly new arrivals to live on their island. At the end of the competition, the tribe with the most people is crowned the winner of a £70 000 prize. In previous years this prize has been split evenly between the tribe, but the twist this season was that the money went to one person in the winning tribe, and last week Greg Jones was chosen to be the overall winner.

The contestants were a range of beautiful bikini babes and handsome men, aged between 18 and 26. Romances blossomed as the tribes lived together for so long. For all of us who have enjoyed watching the trials and tribulations every Sunday morning we will have to wait until next year to meet a new set of islanders.
Many of the girls were promotional models before the show, no doubt the show was a bid to build on their fame. For one contestant, however, she wanted to escape the frustrations of being mistaken for the controversial star Amy Winehouse. Soodi Asefi, 26 had a remarkable resemblance to the singer and was often mistaken for her as she walked around her home town of London. For Soodi, the island was a chance to escape this pressure and live on an island of paradise. It may not have been paradise for all of the contestants, but they all have memories to treasure for a life time.

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