Beauty: A Fishy Business

In the era of the metrosexual, how far would you go in the quest for beauty? The latest beauty fad, as featured in Ugly Betty, is a fishy business.

We all know that a key step to flawless skin is exfoliation, but is immersing your feet (or any other body part for that matter) in a bucket full of toothless, merciless little fish really the best solution?

The last time I made contact with a live fish was when I won a goldfish at the Church fete for 10p. And I didn't like it. With summer on the way though, am I willing to take the plunge, feet first into a barrel full of fish in order to have perfect pieds for some flip-flop flirting? Yes, because it sounds a bit fun and it's something to talk about in the pub.

Doctor Fish, as they are now known, thanks to their ability to chew off your most flaky or even diseased skin to reveal a healthy lower epidermis, hail from two small pools in Turkey and form part of one of the fastest growing (and most obscure) beauty treatments in Japan, China and Turkey. Beauty enthusiasts are raving about its rejuvenating abilities, however this isn't only for the vain. Psoriasis suffers have also found solace in these little sucking creatures such is their popularity that websites such as Psoriasis Fish Cure have been set up to help organise trips and publicise its benefits. Although the effects aren't permanent, the micro-massage sensation promises to alleviate symptoms for a few months long enough to see you through the summer in this Argentovivo Myrtille number.

Saying that, I'm not sure it's worth a trip to Turkey and sticking your feet into a bucket of tiny fish is hardly swimming with dolphins, but if you're really up for it, Skin Therapy Ireland offers the same treatment just over the pond. Why not treat yourself to a real, silky Guinness while you�re at it!

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