Are we in for a repeat of the 80's Fashions?

I watched Working Girl the other day, and was less interested in the multi Academy-award nominated acting performances, direction and soundtrack than I was in the extraordinary fashions of 1988. Melanie Griffiths and Joan Cusack sported Big Hair, in frizzy big curls, filled with more mousse than the whole of Canada. They wore really bright, thick make-up, and severe, shoulder-padded power-suits. Looking back on fashions of yesteryear, its easy to ask, what were they thinking? Its much harder to figure out which of our current styles and fashions will cause us to blush at photographs of ourselves come ten or twenty years.

My guess is that brightly-coloured Crocs have another couple of summers before the population wakes up after their Croslite-resin party with a fashion hang-over. Reeboks launch of the Basquiat Freestyle trainer shows, surely, that we've reached a climax in terms of colourful and quirky footwear. Its impossible to tell whether the colour pinks conquer of the menswear world is so complete that parents will be painting their firstborn sons room a nice pastel fuchsia, or whether it will be phased out of mens fashion in the next five years. Having worn a cardigan as a teenager before they were even slightly cool, I'm sceptical about the longevity of their comeback. The new fad for brightly-coloured jeans demands careful risk-reward assessment. Baseball caps seem timeless; but are floppy reversible floral fishermans hats really the way to go? I can't see stripy t-shirts looking cool in 2020, while the less said about printed tyvek hooded jackets the better.

So this summer I will be weighing up todays fashions against tomorrows judgements and picking a happy medium. I want to spare myself having to say yeah I know, but that was cool in 2007 when going through photo-albums.

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