Are men last minute shoppers? Tell us!

Christmas Shopping Survey

Fresh from causing something of a stir on another website with a recent post, Mio Destino decides to take on a staple of the gender wars ? Christmas shopping.

Christmas is coming. It?s official. Well, not official, but I did see an advert with Christmas music playing in the background so that must be some legal date passed for playing Christmas music surely?

But what this really means is ? it?s time to start thinking about the shopping?

In my opinion (as a man), I think men will either double up in panic at the minefield of getting the right gift for the significant other or alternatively, and perhaps more likely, will shrug their shoulders confident that the annual ?mad rush around the shops on Christmas Eve followed by the pub followed by a drunken attempt to wrap presents? will see them through once more.

I also think women will do it differently, a lot differently ? they over-prepare, fuss, buy endless ?small gifts?, fuss some more, fret over the ?wrong? type of wrapping paper, and decide to include the most obscure person on the Christmas card list ? all before the advent calendars have even been opened.

Think differently?

Women ? Take the survey for women and tell us how you treat the season of shopping.

Men ? proud of your December 24th record? Want to re-enforce the stereotype? Or keen to show actually you take time and planning to get the perfect present? Then take the survey for men and let us know what you think!

To thank you for your time, Mio Destino will give you £10 off your next purchase on their site and you will enter a draw to win £100 of lingerie of your choice.

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