Addicted to Facebook?

Facebook. I resisted for a long time, I really did. Not because I'm in any way ethically opposed to the idea of staying superficially in touch with a number of "friends" without actually having to meet them. In fact, that sounds pretty darn good. No, what I objected to was all the hours I'd waste looking at people's profiles and writing pointless comments on people's walls, e.g. "Do you really like Ready Steady Cook, or is that ironic!?" or trawling through the friend of a friend's photo album from a holiday in Costa del Sol.

But, as so often, I gave in to the peer pressure. I felt so left out not having a Facebook profile. I could just about cope with the comment made by a girl I used to hang out with when we bumped into each other in the street, "I bet we'd still be friends if you were on Facebook." But all these party and event invites that I'd have to hope would trickle down to me by word of mouth... And the fact that Sebastian had found a girlfriend... And Becky's cute photo of her new dog... Everyone was in the know. Except me. No, my need to stay in the loop was greater than my fear of time-wasting (never a great fear of mine, it has to be said, at the best of times).

The result? I now waste hours and hours and hours of my life on Facebook. But it's so much fun! Unlike MySpace (which I'm now also a member of obviously... in for a penny...) which often crashes, directs me to the wrong page or scares me with "Your account's been phished" messages, Facebook has so far been reliable and friendly. While it doesn't have MySpace's possibilities for promoting music and film, the good old Book of Face is a great place to track down old friends and stay in touch with acquaintances. (And I've set my page to 'Private' to protect myself from all the old "friends" I DON'T want to be found by.)

Facebook - anyone can join!

If you're not yet convinced, check out the Facebook Song and Video which some of my friends at Cambridge University wrote. Now that's what I call time-wastage.

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