A Child's Embarrassing Questions Solved

A Child?s Embarrassing Question Solved

Children are adorable, wide-eyed, quizzical little scamps / argumentative, mouthy, talking back monsters (delete on your opinion). They always ask the wrong questions at the wrong times, like the classic: ?is that man pregnant?? in the supermarket as a particularly obese man walks past.

So the news that a doctor has written a book for children explaining about breast enhancement, and other medical body-improving operations, sounds like it actually might be a good idea. I mean if it saves embarrassing questions such as ?Why has Auntie Jane got a bigger chest / smaller stomach (delete as to Jane?s preferences), then that?s a good thing right?

And just think, if your son or daughter understood about such things and there importance perhaps they might buy you some lingerie ? okay that?s just creepy?

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