A Calendar Worth Coffin Up For

Coffin Calander for 2008

Macabre as it might sound an Italian undertakers firm has released a calendar showing shots of coffins with beautiful models in an effort to ?sex up? the undertaking business. I wish I was making this up!

There seems to be something slightly sinister about using sex, the basis of life, to sell coffins, the most unwanted purchase of a lifetime. I wonder if cremation firms and urn manufacturers will start producing calendars with models holding strategically placed urns?

With brilliant business and press speak owner Maurizio Matteucci said: "It is good marketing but it is also a way to play down such a serious subject and to smile.?

I just hope anyone who receives this calendar doesn?t take it the wrong way and think it?s a hint ? or even worse that they don?t get to see all the girls, and coffins of course, from January 2008 until December 2008.

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