A bright side for Lingerie longevity

Now that independent labels control the same market share as the whole of New Look's annual sales, it seems that in the present pocket stitching economic climate that everyone is going for something a little different. It’s time for quality items but less of them, in the hope that they will last longer.
Talk about delicates!

The awesome ladies at Mio Destino provide a huge range fitting the bill so go check it out. Their classy lingerie is mixed with cuts that will set pulses racing but with the elegance to make them stylishly long-lasting.

And now with the teasingly good invention from the crazy clever people over at BreastTalk.co.uk, loads of that worry about expensive items being irreparably damaged by some over zealous play can be a thing of the past with this handy, handbag accessible tool.

So no more holding yourself back let loose those inhibitions and feel free to be as sexy as your underwear, ladies, go forth and frolic without fear!

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