A Bra Operated Into Your Body- The Lastest Lingerie Technology

Warning this is not for the faint hearted!

Does lingerie get under your skin? Well, now it really will. Literally.

At least, it will if Dr Eval Gur, a surgeon from Tel Aviv, has anything to say about it. He has invented a bra you definitely don't want your partner to try and remove during sex: the under skin bra. He calls it Cup & Up because it provides support for dropping busts, just like any ordinary bra. The difference is: these cups are placed 1cm under your skin.

Now, I think that this sounds like something from a horror movie, but Dr Eval Gur insists that hordes of women are queuing up to undergo this operation. And pay a couple of grand for the privilege.

Anyone tempted? This is what the op entails: sling-shaped silicone cups are inserted through slits beneath the breast; next, threads are stitched on to them and attached to your upper ribs with titanium screws. You can even watch as your chest is turned into a hardware store, because the whole procedure can be done under local anaesthetic. Whoopee!

As yet, the implants have only been tested on the inside of pigs chest walls. Pigs' skin most closely resembles human skin, and the Cup &Up held in place nicely, says Adi Cohen, head of the companys marketing. The first human victim, I mean patient, is already signed up and due to have the operation this autumn.

Would you trust someone whos name so closely resembles Dr Evil to insert titanium screws and string into your breasts whilst you watched him? Even if he had tried it on pigs?
Thought not. You might be better buying an Aubade bra and have done with it.

The full article can be found at the Guardian

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