bra for your bum

A bra for your bum

I've said it before and I'll say it again,the bra is some piece of clothing. The versatility is incredible. Here is Another example, the bra that is designed for your ass / arse / bum / bottom / derriere, pick your favorite.

It's a simple idea, use it to 'hold up' your sagging buttocks (another term there) to stop the ageing process (a phrase that should be accompanied with the crackle of thunder and an ominous laugh).

The inventor Dr Hart said, "The Bikini buttocks support idea came to me at a moment of personal need," she says. "One look in the mirror after some rapid weight loss showed me the unhappy truth, my bottom was sagging." I admire here proactive nature. She calls it the Butt Bra, very American.

Oh and guys, there's one for us too!

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