No work today: it's Sex Day


Imagine if you won prizes for having sex. No, there?s no audience, or aging ?comedy? host with a catchphrase (?Nice to see you, to see you nice? probably wouldn?t be apt would it?) but there is the potential of a car or a TV. So what?s the catch? Well, you?ve got to have a baby nine months later on the 12th June .

No this isn?t a bizarre new reality TV show, but is in fact, a real-life competition for the people of Ulyanovsk, a region in Russia, where the birth rate is so low people need encouragement to have children. This year the main ?winners? took home an SUV, oh and a baby of course.

The initiative was instigated three years ago to combat Russia's falling birth rates. Demographic estimates showed that the Russian population could decrease by one third - 40 million people - by the middle of the century. The scheme seems to be working: Ulyanovsk's birth rates have shown a 4.5% increase over the past year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also thought out a way to encourage people to have more kids: women who have a second or third child will receive cash rewards to help pay for education or home improvements. Is it just me or does 'Sex Day' have a more exciting ring to it than 'cash to pay for education'?

Go Ulyanovsk!

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