Women vote Lingerie as their most wanted gift!

Cotton Club Lingerie from Mio Destino

New Zealand women are expecting Santa to leave a special gift under the Christmas tree.

A recent survey in New Zealand of over 2,000 people has shown that women will choose lingerie above flowers, spa treatments and perfume for their favourite gift. How smart they are!

Those ladies down under certainly know what they want and what they need?but do they know how to get it? What?s the guy in your life like? Demonstrative, sensitive, thoughtful?.or does he watch football and drink lots and lots of beer while he waits for dinner to be served?

The experts recommend that your partner should check out your size, via your undies drawer, before buying you some sexy lingerie or swimwear to make sure they don?t get the wrong size. As for style, sure he can push back the boundaries and get something a little more adventurous, but if his girlfriend or wife has classic taste in fashion then he can forget the crotchless panties unless they?re for him!
Why not encourage him to try something pretty and delicate instead and if he?s still in a quandary he can give you a lingerie gift voucher instead and you can give him the surprise!

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