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Picture the scene:

A gorgeous woman sits at the bar, sipping a cocktail, wearing a spectacular dress and looking sexy. Now when I tell you this imaginary woman is named ?Hilary? it doesn?t sound quite right does it?

The recent news that a TV channel is to be called simply ?Dave? ? because ?everyone knows a bloke called Dave? (I know three) ? made me wonder about the power of names. Some female names just sound attractive, sometimes because of famous women who have the name, but also due to the sound they make: Amelia, Penelope, Naomi ? all roll off the tongue with a hint of the foreign, the exotic, and the downright sexy. This of course is still irrespective of how the women might really look.

Of course some names for bloke will always remain asexual, usually the name of a sister or mother, because the connotations will always be of that person ? and I?m sure it?s the same for girls relating to brothers and fathers.

I?m sure every bloke has a favourite name and for different reasons, so come on what?s your ideal name for your perfect girl ? the one from the cocktail sipping, fancy dress wearing, fantasy we all (secretly) have?

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