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So, do British women have anxieties about their breasts? Well the Virgin TV documentary on Thursday 13th December 2007 at 22.00 in the UK is sure to find out. The Virgin Media programme, presented by Thalia Zucci, follows a group of ladies as they try out different methods of breast enhancement that are available. Will any of the women go ahead with the procedure after their consultation?
The Boob Envy programme, which is exclusive to Virgin 1 was commissioned along with, Penis Envy, as part of the channel?s ?Envy? series.
The programme will show the difficulties that can arise in relation to breasts such as one woman?s large boobs which cause health issues and another whose lopsided breasts have forced her into a reclusive lifestyle.
Celia Taylor, the channel's director of programming said, "They're noisy, funny, smart and controversial with a real opportunity for shared viewing."
The programme also discusses boobs with guys in Britain?s bust obsessed culture whilst the panel explain some of the ways women enhance their breasts from push-up bras to suction pumps and even hypnosis.
The average British bra size is a 36C,
Approximately 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, the average being 36C, and that is why companies like Mio Destino provide specialist training videos such as the Mio School of Lingerie for Men.
This could be just the programme to put the big into boobs.

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