Vintage Lingerie – Hot or Not?

For every known shop-a-holic there is a well recognised question over each and every purchase – fashion or function? And once in a blue moon, a dilemma will arise – so, whilst rooting through a little vintage shop in London’s Covent Garden, I came across a fuchsia negligee, suitable perhaps (if styled up) to be worn as a stand-alone dress. And this is where the as-fore-mentioned dilemma occurred – this was someone else’s lingerie. Now a girl could be seen to do anything for a fashion fix…but would it really come down to donning another woman’s drawers!

Granted this was only a silky slip, but rooting further through this treasure trove of goodies, I can across a pair of high-waisted ruffled panties. What would anyone do with these? But then how silly of me! Have the catwalks of the season not been strewn with high-waisted lingerie, isn’t indulging in vintage glamour the ‘IT’ thing of the noughties? And so standing in the middle of a chaotic store holding another person’s panties, I begin to contemplate, am I holding a piece of boudoir chic, or should these have been thrown out with dish water!

And then I decide, vintage lingerie is one thing but old knickers are another! True I want to buy into a little retro charm, hanker after a little Ava Gardener gloss and glamour, and I want to do so wearing scrumptious, silk knickers, soft bralettes or all-in-one teddies, but there is a line and decrepit panties definitely cross it by a mile.

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