Tights for men? Do you mean ‘Mantyhose’?

Hosiery was once part of the gentleman’s uniform and they would never have been seen without tights, yet over the last hundred years or so tights have become strictly female. With eccentric patterns and bold colours hosiery is on trend again this autumn; but for man or woman?

Why not both? Today’s man is never one to shy away from fashion and has once again taken notice of the humble tight. So much so that the Daily Mail reported ‘demand among male shoppers for pantyhose has apparently been soaring over the past five years’. So much in demand it seems that Selfridges have taken the plunge and launched a range specifically for the more masculine leg. Already nicknamed ‘mantyhose’ the range, made by the brand Unconditional are, at a 120 denier, thicker and tougher than the average tight and come in black, beige and charcoal.

At Mio Destino we’re wondering if this means sales of men’s skirts will suddenly sky rocket? But, apparently the most common use of ‘mantyhose’ is under suits to keep legs warm (oh and give hips and thighs a nice smooth line).

Hosiery for men seems to be the fashion topic of the season, with the new range at Selfridges and London-based hosiery designer Harisnya setting up a dedicated website on the topic, filled with style tips and discussion topics. ‘Male pantyhose can be worn for health, sports and fashion. On the website we aim to show that pantyhose could be a regular clothing item for men.'

If you’d prefer to wear the skin tight leg garments in your relationship when not choose some sexy suspenders to entice your man. Fleur of England and Aubade have both just released stunning suspenders in their Autumn/ Winter collections.

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