The Right to ?Sexual Happiness?

Living in Ecuador probably has a few perks ? nice weather, and erm?well not having lived there I couldn?t tell (anyone?) ? but if you were thinking of moving there (and I?ve really just sold it haven?t it?!) bear in mind this new law that they might pass ? enshrining women the right to ?sexual happiness?.

Bloody hell! That?s a hell of a law! Terrifying. Sent to prison for not being good enough at sex: ?What you in for mate?? ?Not giving my wife sexual happiness?, ?ahh yes, me too.?

It?s nice that the women of Ecuador deem the right to good sex important enough to try and get it on the political agenda but it?s a bit of a worry for the men ? although perhaps not in * Stereotype Alert * fiery Latin South America where the men are all very passionate.

Still if women want to get their men to try and guarantee them ?sexual happiness? perhaps some Mio Destino lingerie would be a good way to start ? it would be hard to resist.

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