Text in the City


Every night in the free papers distributed across London ? the londonpaper and London Lite ? there are side panels which contain ?I saw you? text messages between people who caught fleeting glimpses of one another on a bus, or who shared snatches of conversations as they had to go their separate ways in the tube system.

Most are fairly standard: ?I was the guy wearing X, reading Y, sitting on the tube from A to B. You were the cute/hot/interesting looking girl wearing this that or the other ? we both laughed at the bloke who fell over ? coffee?? The best part of all of this is that the technology of mobile phones and the market of the free paper press are combining to help love sick Londoners find someone in the urban jungle that is the capital.

There must be enough worth in it for the paper to devote a column everyday, ranging in size, to the topic so it does beg the question: ?how successful is it?? If anyone out there has had any success through this service it would be illuminating to hear!

Like millions of others, I will be keeping my eyes peeled and my texting fingers primed, for that moment when the city throws you a brief and fleeting chance to meet that girl of your dreams before she vanishes again into the rugby scrum of the underground or the frenzy of the shopping crowds on Oxford Street.

Other countries like France have their own version, such as www.onsestcroises.com which started a few months ago and has already received much interest. Vive la France!

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