Supima Cotton – Fashion Show

Supima - the promotional organization of the American Pima cotton growers held heir annual ‘Prefab’ event last week in New York. And what a success it seems to have been. Whilst most companies are complaining about tough times Supima claims to have ‘garnered a total of nearly 1,300 sample orders—showing no precipitous drop-off from previous shows’.

While cotton is of course considered a basic as opposed to a luxury it is unlikely to be as affective as some products. Innovation has been the key to Supima’s success. An array of innovative materials were on offer to buyers who in turn can then go on to create garments which set them apart from competitors.

Within the PREFAB event Supima also held the finals of their 2nd Competition for Emerging Designers. Mio Destino was backstage to witness the whole event and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of drama and tantrums as we have come to expect on projects such as Project Runway. It was refreshing to see these talented young designers carefully steaming their creations and lovingly adding the finishing touches before sending their looks off down the runway.

Inside the stunning Gotham hall the show, ‘with a total of 20 finalists presenting women’s eveningwear looks based on new uses for cotton denim, jersey, and shirting produced by Supima’s elite partner mills in front of an invitation-only crowd of buyers and celebrities’ was a great start to a year which needs optimisim.

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